Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, let us give thanks to something that is so often forgotten, abused, neglected…obsessed about, ridiculed, unloved. Let us give thanks for the body we have right now. Thank your body for all that it does for you each and every day. Take the time to really explore what it means to live in…and through your unique individual body.
Today I give thanks for the body that is mine…
For feet that take me on countless adventures…
Legs and thighs that support me in my dance…
Hips that express the movement of my soul…
Buttocks that power me to climb the stairs of my path…
Back that holds me up towards the sun…
Abdomen that feeds my creativity…
Chest that holds an ever opening heart…
Shoulders, arms, and hands that bring amazing opportunities my way…
Neck that supports my spirit to speak…
And a head that contains an ever expanding mind.

A head through which my eyes can view the colors of the world before me,
A neck that moves so I can take in this amazing world,
Shoulders that support my movements, arms that express my joy, and hands that touch those in my world.
Breast that have fed and continue to comfort atop lungs and a heart that breathe in and beats strong,
an abdomen that moves when I dance and has been home to a growing life,
Hips and buttocks that continue to climb stairs and support my need to move,
Thighs and legs that walk the city,
And feet that carry it all.
Today and every day I give thanks for this body that is mine.


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