Dawn Welburn

We can all use a little more touch in our lives. Sharing touch and experiencing authentic, conscious, meaningful touch can profoundly change our world.

So what is a Power of Touch workshop? Simply put, it is the sharing of the profoundness of touch, through the words and hands of Dawn Welburn. She will lead you on a multifaceted journey within yourself and into the world around you. She will then continue to guide you through a hands-on experience of authentic, conscious, meaningful Touch.

Why should you attend a Power of Touch workshop? Why not!? NOW is the perfect time to Reconnect, Rediscover and Reawaken to both yourself and your world. Touch is the most powerful and joyful means of doing that. There really is never a better time than NOW to experience the Power of Touch.

There are 3 ways in which a Power of Touch workshop can be experienced:


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Dawn Welburn

I am a creator, healer and body worker inspired to assist in the journey to self healing and self discovery.

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