Exclusive Partner Massage Instruction

Do you have a loved one in chronic pain and wish you knew massage techniques to ease that pain?  Would you like to connect to your partner on a deeper level?

I also facilitate exclusive partner massage instruction. I feel that as a society we lack conscious meaningful touch in our lives and as a result we are disconnected from others and ourselves. Learning meaningful touch in a trusted relationship adds connection within that relationship. Many people have stored a heavy amount of pain within their bodies and cannot come to me every day for the necessary bodywork to help release this pain. By teaching partners and other loved ones how to provide meaningful touch, both giver and receiver are aided along their own paths of reawakening.

Instruction Rates:

1 Partner Instructed/ 1 Partner Receiving   $100                                                Both Partners Instructed/Receiving             $200

Contact me for more information and to book a session. **Partner can be family, close friends, same and opposite gender partners.

*Payment may be made by CASH or through the PayPal buttons found here: http://dawnwelburn.massagetherapy.com/   Please contact me to schedule PRIOR to making a payment through Paypal. 

***Instruction is for the experience of authentic, conscious, meaningful touch and the learning of basic massage techniques,  in a safe, trusted environment. The hands-on instruction is for therapeutic purposes. All information and instruction is for Personal use only.


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