Gratitude as Self-Care

Gratitude as self-care…

My daily gratitude practice is usually done at bedtime. I reflect and acknowledge the things I am grateful for that day. I have also made a practice of expressing my genuine gratitude to others for being in my life, for sharing their time with me, for giving me their knowledge and insights. 

When times are really tough, it helps me to go to foundational gratitudes: I have a bed to sleep in, an apartment with great heat and air conditioning, food to eat, hot water running easily from all faucets, a washer and drying for cleaning my clothes, clothes to wear…you get where I’m going here. I reach for these because I remember the times I did not have these things. Being grateful for them puts me fully into the present moment.

 I’ve decided to start AND end my day with gratitude today. So this morning, I’m grateful for crazy squirrels on my balcony, an oven, chocolate, internet, clean water from my faucet, school, and YOU.  

Here are a few resources on gratitude as self-care:

Do you have a gratitude practice? What are you grateful for today? 


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Dawn Welburn

I am a creator, healer and body worker inspired to assist in the journey to self healing and self discovery.

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