Self-Care: Letting Go

Sometimes, the best self-care practice is to LET IT GO…

What is “it”? The “it” for me feels a bit too multi-layered for the full telling of it, so I’ll try to give an abridged version. A situation occurred a few days ago that brought up a lot of old fears, automatic reactions, familial roles, old beliefs about myself…and I have spent these days picking it apart like a carrion bird, looking for the cores of all of what played out, and my reactions. Today, I’m down to some skin and bones of it and I’m feeling ill from the process. Rather than continue to carry this around anymore, it is just time to…let it go. Let it go and keep moving forward. 

I’ll tell ya, it always makes me angry when someone says to me, “hey, just let it go..”  Like, if it was always that easy, don’t you think I would’ve done it a long time ago?! So, here are some practices that help me to let go: 

  • Acknowledge what it is: Fear, an old belief about myself that is not true, ‘games’ I don’t wanna play anymore, an old story on repeat, etc. etc. You know what it is. You don’t need to tell anyone else but yourself. 
  • Breath–I inhale…energy, light, good vibes, love, etc….and exhale what is done, not mine, no longer relevant, what is DONE. The medium, John Edward has a practice of inhaling + signs, and exhaling – signs as a visual to help let go of things. 
  • Water–use a nice warm shower to not only cleans your physical body but cleans your energetic body of guck that needs to be let go of. See the water carrying all that old stuff down the drain. Drink water and see it entering your body to wash away all that needs to be done and gone. Stand in the rain and feel it wash away all that old muck. 

Here’s a few resources about Letting it Go:

Do you have any great practices for this? How well do you let go? 


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Dawn Welburn

I am a creator, healer and body worker inspired to assist in the journey to self healing and self discovery.

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