About Dawn Welburn


Through her hands, her voice and her words,  Dawn Welburn passionately believes that sharing and providing the power and experience of authentic, conscious, meaningful touch can truly change our World. She specializes in a variety of services for everyone, including those living with stress, chronic pain, terminal illnesses, domestic violence, mental illnesses, and chemical dependencies. Her work is completely individualized and integrative, combining both her clinical knowledge and intuitive abilities.

Dawn Welburn has spent her life pursuing her passions of learning, creating and being of service. She studies various forms of energy healing work to include chakras, use of genuine stones, dreamwork, meditation, and channeling, as well as religions, spirituality, and ancient cultures.

Although many events and pursuits have aided Dawn in her personal journey to ReAwaken, her study of massage therapy and the many encounters with authentic touch have made the most profound reconnections and rediscoveries in her life. Because of these profound experiences, Dawn feels very strongly about the power of massage and authentic meaningful touch.

” I believe that everyone can benefit from massage. We are a society that has drawn away from each other and ourselves. Authentic, conscious, meaningful touch can change our World. Massage makes us aware of our body giving us the opportunity to ReConnect with that body. This ReConnection is integral to ReDiscovering who we truly are and ReAwakening that inner self. Only then can we begin our self healing, self discovery and truly and fabulously living life.”

Dawn is a graduate of CCMT in Westport, CT and both a LA (LA8410) and  NY(025007) Licensed Massage Therapist. She has prenatal/postpartum massage certification through MotherMassage® Pregnancy Massage. She has completed Birth Doula training with the world renowned birth educator and doula, Debra Pascali-Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth. She is actively pursuing Birth Doula certification through DONA as well as certification in related specialties.

Dawn has provided massage and related services in the NYC Metro Area for the past 5 years. She has recently relocated to Southwest Louisiana and will soon resume her services there.  She hopes that in sharing her journey through words on her blog, and by expressing her passion and vision with the world through healing sessions, bodywork, artistic creations and workshops, others may find their own Path to ReAwaken.