Anti Human Trafficking

Credit Polaris Project

A cause that I’ve spent years advocating for is the fight against human trafficking. So many issues intersect with human trafficking: child abuse, immigration, prostitution, sex-work, domestic abuse, racism, and more.

Many organizations in the fight against human trafficking are “Christian” based, and are fighting against not only human trafficking but what they consider to be related to human trafficking–porn, prostitution, sex work. I believe that the best way to help people that are being trafficked is to do so from an open and compassionate place, without judgment, shame, religious components or requirements, and from a open sex positive mind.

I will continue to add resources here as I find them, so please check back regularly for more.

Here are resources on human trafficking:

  • Polaris – This is one of the largest anti-human trafficking organizations in the U.S. It does not have a religious foundation as part of its mission. They are also the organization behind the U. S. National Human Trafficking Hotline (Image above)
  • SWLA Abolitionists – This organization has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of anti-human trafficking efforts in Southwest Louisiana and beyond. The founder, Rusty Havens, is very open and passionate about the cause. The organization has a Christian foundation and many of its volunteers do the work from that place, but Rusty has made the impossible possible for so many victims of human trafficking.