Late Summer Deals


Here we are…in August already.
Oh how the summer rushes by! Whether you need some relief from a hectic summer schedule, want to take advantage of your last bits of a vacation, or looking ahead to what you know will be a stressful Autumn, I have some great late summer deals on bodywork to help you out!

*For THIS WEEK ONLY (August 4-10, 2014) I’m offering an unbelievable deal on 60 minute sessions- $75 (Regularly $100). You can buy as many as you wish and schedule them anywhere throughout the year, but you must purchase THIS WEEK AUGUST to get this price!

60 minute session $75: Sorry! This deal is no longer available.

Also available:

* Multi-Packs-

Buy 4 and get 1 FREE with these packages of 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions :

30 Minutes $240

60 Minutes $400

90 Minutes $560

* Book a Session-

Book yourself or a loved one a session today!

*In addition to the PayPal links above, all deals, packages and sessions can also be paid for in Cash or by Credit Card in person.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I look forward to seeing you on my table soon.

Weight Loss and Bodywork


There are many benefits one can gain from adding massage therapy into their weight loss plans. One of the effects briefly mentioned in the article I have linked below, is the mental or emotional benefits of having someone, your massage therapist, as a safe and trusted supporter who accepts your body without judgment.

I have found massage to be more than just a vehicle for acceptance from another, but THE road to self acceptance. For me, my extreme weight gain was a way to hide from the world and most importantly from my self. Fat was an excellent place to hide. The more years and the more weight, the more I detached from my body. For longer than I can now remember, I only looked at myself in a mirror from a point just above my breasts to the top of my head. I had absolutely no idea of the condition or size of my body.  I am sure this sounds unbelievable, especially if you’ve never been in that place of disliking yourself and your life choices to the extent that I did.

When I began my studies in Massage Therapy, I had absolutely no idea of how life changing the process would be. Giving and receiving massage every week for two years, was some of the hardest and most amazing experiences of my life. I was determined to do the work, even though the level of body awareness required of me seemed impossible at times. I was forced to get to know my own body, to better know the bodies of others. In the reconnecting with my body, I reconnected to my self.

In the 6 years since I began my studies in clinical massage therapy, I have lost around 75 lbs. I did not use any diet or weight loss program, nor did I begin any new exercise regimen. For me personally, massage brought me back into my self and made me aware of my body on a level I have possibly never known. Through massage, I learned to accept my body and before I knew it, that acceptance turned to love.  My exercise and eating changes came about slowly, through this rediscovered love for my body and my desire to live and love life.

Take a look at this article from the 2010 issue of Body Sense from : Weight Loss and Bodywork || Massage Therapy Articles.

How Can I Help You?

Investing in Massage is an investment in your health. All sessions are individually designed around the needs, goals and concerns of YOU.


My energy and massage bodywork are extremely Calming, Soothing and Nurturing. Because of this energy, my Services are especially suited to individuals in need of a slower pace, giving time to adjust and trust.

I specialize in services for everyone including those living with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, terminal illnesses, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, trauma, and chemical dependencies.

All of my massage sessions are Individualized and Integrative. Here are some of the types of massage that may be included in your sessions:

Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage
Medical Massage
Integrative Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Relaxation Massage
Post-Natal Massage

Your sessions with me may also include services such as:  Focused Breathing, Chakra Clearing, Stretching, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Energy Work, and more.

Please discuss with me your needs and goals for each session. Massage works best when we work as a team united in our vision.

 Massage Rates:

30 Minutes   $60

60 Minutes   $100

90 Minutes   $140

Massage Packages:
Buy 4 and get 1 free!

30 Minutes   $240

60 Minutes   $400

90 Minutes   $560

* If your financial situation is keeping you from the bodywork you need, do not hesitate to contact me. Lets see if we can come up with a solution!

*Payment may be made by CASH or Credit Card at the time of your session OR in advance through PayPal.   Please contact me to schedule PRIOR to making a payment through Paypal. 

Nurturing Mama this Mother’s Day


No matter whether she’s a new mama or a great grandma, nurturing is just what she does all day, every day. Mother’s day is the perfect day to not only thank the Mamas in your life for all that they do, but give her some nurturing.

There are many ways that I can help nurture Mama:

*Schedule her a massage with me.

*Buy her a gift certificate.

*Schedule a private instruction session where I can help you nurture Mama whenever she needs a bit of soothing, nurturing touch.

Contact me at for any and all of these gifts.

Location, Location

I have spent the past four months searching for a great Manhattan location that would not only be convenient but most importantly assist me in creating a calm and safe space for our work together. Twice I have found a space that appeared to fit my requirements. Both times, I have suddenly been shown my mistake, in ways that left absolutely no doubts that these places were unsuitable for you, me and this work. Consequently, I feel we should take a break from this Manhattan search. For now, take a look at my Brooklyn page for information and directions to my location in Prospect Heights.

April Updates


I’ve been in hibernation much of this long cold winter, but I hear the birds singing their happy songs of Spring and know its time to wake up and get moving again.

I have some exciting news to share:
* I am now available for sessions at Union Square in Manhattan! My availability for Brooklyn and Manhattan is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 1pm, Thursday and Saturday 10am – 8pm. When you send a text or email message to book please specify the location you prefer.

* For your convenience, I now accept credit cards as a payment option at the time of your session.

I trust that these additions will make it much easier for you to add massage into your life.

For more information on my work, take a look at my Services and Rates page:

I look forward to seeing you on my table soon !

Buy a Massage…


There’s still time to purchase the Gift of Touch for Everyone you Love!

*Paper Gift Certificates available directly through me! Contact me at for details.

Never Too Late For Gift Certificates!

Something great about these paper Gift Certificates is the flexibility of the Gift you wish to give! You can choose to purchase for a set dollar amount, say $40 or $200…or for a specific service like Private Massage Instruction, One 60-minute Massage, or a 5pk of 90-Minute Massages. Contact me TODAY to give the Gift of Touch this Season!