Goddess / Interfaith Spirituality


Dawn Welburn is an Ordained Interfaith and Interspiritual Minister, rooted in her own Spiritual Path, with a strong foundation in the world’s faith traditions. This multi-faceted base allows her to be of greater service to you in a kaleidoscope world of gloriously shifting and changing selves, relationships, families, and beliefs. 

An integral piece of her life and journey is her ever evolving relationship and service to Goddess. She is the inspiration and driving force of her work, volunteer endeavors, activism, and ReAwaken vision. As an ordained minister, Dawn strives to serve you from wherever you are on your own personal journey, with the traditions and beliefs important to you. 

Ceremonies and Rites to recognize and honor changing relationships to self and others are important parts of our lives as humans. Here are some of those services offered.


  • Weddings/ Handfastings/Partnerships/ Vow Renewal
  • Funerals/ Memorials
  • Blessings/Namings
  • Ceremonies for Pets
  • Ceremonies and Rites for other transitional celebrations and recognition.  

For any questions related to these services, please contact Dawn@DawnWelburn.com