The mind can be an amazing organic machine, storing and sorting vast amounts of information at lightning speed. Some have the ability to run layer upon layer of information, problem solving and visionary brainstorming concurrently, with relative ease. After a prolonged time though, even the best of these machines gets overloaded or short-circuits. That is where meditation comes in.  I know that, for myself, when someone tells me to just ‘quiet my mind’ or ‘let the mind go blank’….well, my reaction is quite the opposite!

Many meditation classes and practices begin in that quiet mental state, but often skip the steps on how to get there. Others are led by people who are not quite as ‘mental’ as I’ve described above. And some are based in religious or spiritual practices that may seem too far from where you are.  Here is where I come in…

Through visualization, I will help you to create meditation routines specific to your needs. My knowledge, experience and approach are Western and Near Eastern and can be utilized by followers and practitioners of most religious and spiritual traditions.

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