A Seeker’s Journey of Sacred ReAwakening

ReAwaken Center Meditation A Seeker's Journey of Sacred ReAwakening

This is a ReAwaken Center Meditation. It is an original meditation created by Dawn Welburn. This meditation was written over 15 years ago while exploring Soul Retrieval work, with the intention to assist in reawakening and reconnecting to your Soul or Essence. May this meditation help in the realization that you are whole, you are Holy, and who you are shines so bright. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dawn-welburn/support
  1. ReAwaken Center Meditation
  2. Blessed are the Cats
  3. Healing and Protection Blessing
  4. Prayer Poem: Sometimes Prayer
  5. Talk: Depression, Despair, Shame, and Authenticity