Stage Fright

As a part of my personal journey to ReAwaken, I am currently dealing head on with a huge fear of mine. Today I will call that fear Stage Fright. I am afraid of what will happen if I put myself front and center for the crowds to see. Just me. Nothing more but nothing less.

Every day I get online and take a look at what my friends are manifesting in their lives. I am so blessed to know so many really wonderful women. They come in all ages and all places in life. I mean these women are outgoing and outspoken. They are creating businesses that make huge differences in the lives of others, shaking things up with their words and deeds, raising beautiful kids…these women are doing it ALL! And doing it FABULOUSLY!  I am inspired each and every day by every one of these women.

Today during my shower/meditation time I had this vision where I am standing just backstage. On the stage… the music is pumping, the crowds are cheering… and all of these amazing women I know are each taking their turn on the stage. It is an all out PARTY out there! I’m standing on the side of the curtain, moving to the music, wanting to go out and join them. The stage is getting packed as more women join those already on stage. The music gets louder and the crowd gets louder and finally I just can’t keep myself from going out to join these women on stage. AND THEN…

……….the stage is empty. The music is gone. And there I stand in the middle of an empty stage, looking out at thousands of faces just looking at me with a blank stare. The only sounds I can hear are crickets chirping off in the distance…and someone way in the back clearing their throat. And I just stand there looking out at all of these people…..