Everyone has the capacity inside of themselves for self-healing.

When one is in pain – whether that be physical, mental, or emotional – we disassociate or pull away, separating both fromĀ ourselves and fromĀ others in order to deal with that pain. The cycle of pain then continues to grow stronger until one can no longer separate and ignore.

That pain stores itself in our body and manifests in a variety of disorders and diseases. Only through reconnecting to our body are we able to actively address these disorders, diseases, and pain.

Massage puts us back in touch with our body and ourselves. By reconnecting to our body we can begin to reawaken the healing ability that resides inside of all of us. We can then rediscover who we truly are and address the roots of our pain. And then truly renew our body and our self.

Healthy and Whole

We all have within us the capacity to heal ourselves. Everything we ever need is already inside of us. We have covered up and hid our true selves. Now is the time to ReDiscover the real authentic YOU. To ReAwaken all of these abilities and ReConnect with yourSelf.

The first Key to doing this is to ReConnect with your body. To fully come into it without judgement or shame. Massage is a powerful way to ReDiscover the wonder of the body that is yours. And through that connection find your true self again.