Expanded Availability!

I am excited to announce expanded availability for massage sessions!  I am now available, by advanced appointment, Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm in TWO Brooklyn locations:

*Park Slope/Grand Army Plaza – Plaza Center for the Healing Arts, 53 8th Avenue (ground floor) Click Here

*Prospect Heights/Crown Heights-Shambhala Yoga and Dance, 367 St. Marks Avenue     Click Here

Contact Dawn at ReAwakenThroughTouch@gmail.com or text/call 347-522-3450 for more information and to book your session.


New Services!

pregnancy-clipart-img_b2301912aa1Pregnancy Massage + Birth Doula

I am so very excited to announce New Services by Dawn Welburn LMT here at ReAwaken Through Touch. I have spent the past few months in intense study and workshops for both Pregnancy Massage and Birth Doula and am in the last stages of the certification processes. I am so pleased to now be able to offer these Services to the women in the NYC Metro  community.

Both Pregnancy Massage and Birth Doula are Services that have you, the Mother, at the center. Knowledge of the physiological changes within the body from the time of conception through 3 months Postpartum are at the core of this work and the safety of Mom and Baby at its forefront.  Services are Integrative and Individualized for each client, as with all of my other services which I provide. My vision is to assist you in having a safe, comfortable, joyful and pleasurable organic birth experience.

For more information, please take a look at the specific pages on the website for each of the services or contact Dawn at ReAwakenThroughTouch@gmail.com.

Late Summer Deals


Here we are…in August already.
Oh how the summer rushes by! Whether you need some relief from a hectic summer schedule, want to take advantage of your last bits of a vacation, or looking ahead to what you know will be a stressful Autumn, I have some great late summer deals on bodywork to help you out!

*For THIS WEEK ONLY (August 4-10, 2014) I’m offering an unbelievable deal on 60 minute sessions- $75 (Regularly $100). You can buy as many as you wish and schedule them anywhere throughout the year, but you must purchase THIS WEEK AUGUST to get this price!

60 minute session $75: Sorry! This deal is no longer available.

Also available:

* Multi-Packs-

Buy 4 and get 1 FREE with these packages of 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions :

30 Minutes $240


60 Minutes $400


90 Minutes $560


* Book a Session-

Book yourself or a loved one a session today!


*In addition to the PayPal links above, all deals, packages and sessions can also be paid for in Cash or by Credit Card in person.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I look forward to seeing you on my table soon.

Happy Holidays!


Massage is the PERFECT gift for yourself and Everyone you LOVE! There are so many ways to give and receive this Gift of Touch for Holidays and every Day :

* Gift Certificates

I have traditional paper gift certificates perfect for giving :



I also have gift certificates available on my Yelp listing:


* MultiPacks

I have 5 packs of 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions at an amazing discount :

30 Minutes  $250

60 Minutes   $400

90 Minutes   $550

* Private Instruction

Learning Authentic, Conscious, Meaningful Touch is a Gift that just keeps on giving:


* Book a Session-

Book yourself or a loved one a session today!


Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season! I look forward to seeing you on my table soon.

A Treat for Every-Body!

Welcome to Autumn! I just love this time of year…everything from pumpkin cupcakes to hoodies to Halloween!

As a special Halloween Treat, I would like to offer you 60minute services for $75 (reg $100) now through October 31st, 2013. You can even buy the services now, and book them anytime through December 2013. Now that’s a Treat that’s great for Every-Body!

Contact me through email at ReAwakenThroughTouch@gmail.com or by text at 347-522-3450 to take advantage of this Special Treat!

I get asked quite often about what my style of massage is exactly. Here is something I wrote explaining my style and why I do things the way I do:


I look forward to seeing you on my table soon!

Back to Brooklyn!

I am available in this fabulous Prospect Heights, Brooklyn location by advanced appointment on Thursdays & Saturdays from 11am to 9pm. For the possibility of other days/times, please contact at ReAwakenThroughTouch@gmail.com or via text message at 347-522-3450. I look forward to seeing you on my table SOON!!


Integrative? Individualized? What does that mean?

When asked what services I provide in my massage therapy work, I often use the phrases, “Individualized sessions” or “Integrative Massage“. I feel that these most accurately express the services that I strive to provide for my clients. But what exactly do I mean by these terms?

First of all, by using these terms, I strive to start the stress relief before you even leave your computer screen. How? By simplifying the process of choosing the best service. Personally, I find the huge lists that many spas, clinics and private massage therapists have for services to be extremely overwhelming. Do I know if I need the DeStressor or the Pain in the Neck service? What is the difference between Swedish and Relaxation? Do I really need a Deep Tissue massage? The stress of making the wrong choice when booking…well I would end up forgetting about the whole massage and be more stressed than when I began the search.

By stating that your sessions with me will be Individualized, the stress of choosing a service is gone. You now know that you will speak to me via email or telephone to tell me the basics of why you are seeking a massage therapy session and to book an appointment that best fits your needs and schedule. When you arrive for your massage session, you will fill out a confidential health history so that I know the past and present state of your body. We will then talk again about what has brought you to seek massage. There is no right or wrong answer. If pure relaxation is what you seek, fabulous! If relief from pain is your dream, awesome! This is your massage session, created just for you and your body.

Now, what about this Integrative Massage Therapy? Many massage menus  have separate listings and prices for services such as: Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Post-Natal, Relaxation, Acupressure/Shiatsu, and many more. The ‘One’ you book is the one service you will receive. Again, Integrative takes away the stress of choosing the ‘Right’ service. What this means is that by talking to you, hearing your concerns, needs and health history, I create a massage plan of action just for you. If we decide that the best plan is 90 minutes of massage work on just your back, that is what you will receive. If you only want your feet and neck worked on, then so be it. Do you need some deep tissue on your upper back and some acupressure to arms and hands? That can easily be worked together. If you only have 30 minutes and need to destress big time, I will work in my scope of practice to the best of my abilities to make that happen.

Remember that Integrative and Individualized is also organic and fluid, meaning that as we get into the session, what you receive may change as I work the soft tissues of your body. I will always check with you to make sure that you are comfortable and the work is helping our joint purpose for the session. Even receiving deep, concentrated massage work should have you in a safe, relaxed and trusting space in your body and within.

So what does Integrative and Individualized mean? It means simple, easy and stress free massage therapy services created just for you. This is the way life should be.