ReAwaken Through Touch

When was the last time you were touched? Something more than just a brush on the street or a stiff handshake upon greeting. When was the last time you were openly and consciously touched with nothing expected of you in return? With the intent simply being love and compassion?

Touch is an amazing thing. Something I feel that many people are not even fully aware is missing from their lives. Touch has the ability to convey so many feelings and emotions, meanings and connotations. It has the ability to hurt and to heal, to tear people apart and to bring them closer together. Touch is manifesting and transforming.

Through my study of massage, my own receiving of massage inside and outside of school, and my work as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have personally experienced what touch can do. I have personally experienced its transformational effects in reconnecting me to my body. The journey into rediscovering my body and who I am inside of that body has not always been a smooth and easy ride. I am of course still on that often bumpy journey and although it has often seen me in spots I did not think I could move forward from, the reawakening that the receiving and giving of touch sparked is an adventure I would trade for nothing.

Welcome to my blog. I intend to share my thoughts and ideas on the power of touch as well as my own journeys into the reawakening it has sparked inside of me.

Dawn Welburn LMT


Published by

Dawn Welburn

I am a creator, healer and body worker inspired to assist in the journey to self healing and self discovery.

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